Hobart is a small city at the bottom of the world, and that's exactly why people like to visit. You will find it a relaxing place to visit - nobody is rushing anywhere - yet it has many things you would expect of a state capital visit. An excellent state museum, world class art museum, plenty of tours, great food and a solid list of things to do.

MONA is an absolute highlight. It's wild choices of art to display and the incredible underground building it's housed in make it one of the most exciting art museums to visit in the world.

The small size of the city and it's location in pristine Tasmania make it an easy place from which to get out into nature. You can explore forests, go rock climbing, kayak on the calm waters of the Derwent, or take a trip to close by island.

Three days would be enough to do the highlights (maybe even just two if MONA is not of interest) but the more time you spend here the more you will find it a relaxing place to fall in love with.

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Updated: October 2021

Hobart: Things To Do

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Extra tips for visiting Hobart

How To Approach A Visit To Hobart

Unlike big and busy places like Sydney, Melbourne or New York, Tasmania and Hobart are made on a simpler and more relaxing scale. There's no need or want to rush anywhere, the city is small enough to walk it all and there are plenty of options outside the city for a relaxing escape amongst nature. No matter how many things you plan to do, or how exciting they are (there is still adventure and adrenaline to be found), plan to take things slow and allow time to stay in bed late, wander around the waterfront again and indulge in the food.

Food and Drink

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Get On The Water

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Get Out Into Nature

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Do a Day Tour

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