Travel Guide to Australia

travel guides to Australia


The outback, Queensland, Australia © Travel Unpacked

Australia...this great Southern land.

It is vast, literally the size of a continent, yet sparsely populated for most of it's area.

It is beautiful, yet deadly.

It is the lucky country.

From stunning beaches, to outback towns and desert, to the great barrier reef, and on to worldly cities. Australia has every type of holiday you could want - relaxation, adventure, exploration or the bustle of a massive city.

Take a look below at all the travel guides we have for destinations in Australia. You will find within each guide the 'Things to do', 'Getting there and staying where', and all the 'Essential info', to provide a full and comprehensive guide that will give you everything you need to take a wonderful trip in our fantastic country.

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Adelaide travel guide
Brisbane travel guide
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Hobart Travel Guide
Melbourne Travel Guide
Port Douglas Travel Guide
Sydney Travel Guide

Sustainable Travel

Sustainability is important for Travel Unpacked, for Australia, and for the world.

Use our Australian sustainable travel guide for advice on how you can reduce the impact of your next trip and help save our planet.