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For each destination you will find a list of 'All the things to do' in that destination, presented in a rough order of popularity for the average tourist.

The 'Getting there and staying where?' section offers advice on how to get to the destination from other centres in Australia, plus tips on the best areas to look at booking a hotel in.

The 'Essential info' page has a whole host of useful information ranging from 'getting around', to safety, history, events, shopping, 'where next' and more.

Sustainable Travel

Sustainability is important for Travel Unpacked, for Australia, and for the world.

Use our Australian sustainable travel guide for advice on how you can reduce the impact of your next trip and help save our planet.

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Whilst we haven't quite got to producing a guide for everywhere in the world yet, as we continue to grow Travel Unpacked, take a look above for all the destinations we already have completed and kept up to date.

We've done all the research and provided all the links to make it easy for you.

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